+ Cost Management + Construction Cost Calculation

SIDOUN Globe® BoQ has received numerous awards.

Innovative functions for:

  • Team cooperation
  • Working speed
  • BIM
  • DIN* 276, German Industrial Standards
  • Bidder communication
  • And much more
SIDOUN Globe® - Das AVA Programm aus der Software Schmiede SIDOUN International GmbH

SIDOUN Globe® facilitates for you BoQ, cost management and construction cost calculation with these functions

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Team processing without barriers

You, your colleagues and project partners can jointly compile data in your AVA, make corrections in real time and even perform individual calculations with these data from anywhere and at any time.

Communicate with Excel and Word

Transmission errors occur no longer: AVA data in SIDOUN Globe® are always synchronous in real-time with all EXCEL sheets you link.


Data link to Autodesk REVIT (G-BIM)

More efficient than any other interface: SIDOUN Globe® G-BIM links your AVA with the 3D model in Revit. Synchronization occurs online, immediately and protected against overwriting.



Bidder interface was perfected

Data exchange without barriers regardless of the working method of individual bidders. With GAEB-XML or EXCEL you can work with both formats in full compliance with GAEB. Import supplements from EXCEL sheets with one click.


Customize the user interface

No need to switch back and forth between a program window, table and view: SIDOUN Globe® allows you to arrange exactly the module windows you need side by side at a glance.


Find everything - always and instantly!

No time delays due to long searches: full high-speed searchability of all details in your BoQ and all linked EXCEL sheets and WORD documents.




Time machine for processing errors

It can no longer happen that you ruin the work of days caused by an error detected too late: simply use the GLOBE time machine and specifically undo past inputs without affecting correct inputs.


EXCEL inside!

Enjoy the familiar desktop of MS EXCEL for all your individual spreadsheets and auxiliary calculations directly in GLOBE. Available to all employees on the project!

Text import via drag and drop

Import legally binding text modules for your tendering easily with one click (e.g. by Heinze).

WORD inside!

You can prepare reports, letters and other documents in WORD as usual and can easily include numbers and variables from your AVA by linking them. Whenever the numbers in your AVA are changing the document is also updated!

Speech recognition with Dragon

Control your AVA by voice command conveniently and without barriers.

SIDOUN Globe® has everything expected from the best AVA software:

  • Quantity determination
  • Price database
  • Bill of quantities
  • Tendering / Price comparison list
  • GAEB interface
  • Standards-conform working according to DIN 276, BKP*, M803, AKS et al.
  • Supplementary administration
  • Comprehensive tools for cost control, evaluation and accounting
  • Defect and Warranty management
  • Administration of addresses, correspondence and documents
  • Construction cost calculation
SIDOUN Globe® BoQ has received numerous awards. Sidoun is a Microsoft Certified Partner.


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Since 1977

BoQ-Software rethought:

Imagine there is BIM and nobody participates?

We see ourselves as advocate for progress in the digital construction industry, which we were already in the 1990s and still are today!

But those who are familiar with today´s construction industry must be honest to admit that regardless of GAEB, BIM und DIN 276, they still collect data for a quantity determination in a tedious manner from a multitude of Excel sheets and Word documents even in 2018. When the basic data are finally transferred to the BoQ Software, first supplements and corrections are necessary and are still received in the form of a non-standardised Excel sheet in many cases.

You have the choice regarding cost control: you can either submit yourself to the data evaluation functions of your BoQ Software or you export to EXCEL and calculate what you really need. However, the basis of calculation has changed yet again shortly afterwards and you have to perform a manual transfer to Excel in order to update your evaluations. Those who managed to do well so far are confronted with the next flood of inconsistent data during the bidding process at the latest: while still struggling with erroneous GAEB files of some trades the first bidders contact you with the statement that they do not can or want to use GAEB. But the bidders would like to communicate their prices by EXCEL – and the process goes on and on. Most of the working time in the AVA process is used (wasted) for consolidation of data from different sources and formats. Despite or perhaps because of a progressive digitalisation in the building industry the diversity of data formats and variety of working methods increases and thus the inconsistency of data also increases. You are often heading for chaos when the selected BoQ Software also dictates a strict and inflexible workflow which cannot be adjusted to your individual needs. SIDOUN Globe® will face this development with a completely rethought software architecture and for the first time offers a solution which makes BoQ life a lot easier. Convince yourself!


Welcome to SIDOUN International!

We have been developing AVA software for 40 years and offer a newly and further developed product since 2012 which breaks old paradigms to offer our customers an unknown easiness in the daily work of tendering, awarding and accounting.